How To Bundle Tickets

STEP 1: Select Your First Event

STEP 2: Select Your Performance

  • If your show has multiple performances, select which night you would like to attend
    • IF EVER I WOULD LEAVE YOU is the only event with multiple performances

STEP 3: Select Your Seats

  • For this performance at The Ember Club we are selecting two seats — C12 & C13
    • If you’re bundling multiple events, you can have different quantities of tickets for each event and still receive the bundle discount

STEP 4: Push Continue

  • Press ‘CONTINUE’ in the bottom left hand corner

STEP 5: Select Your Delivery Preferences

  • We have two ticket delivery options:  EMAIL and WILL CALL
  • EMAIL / ELECTRONIC DELIVERY:  You will be emailed a PDF of each ticket immediately after completing your order
    • You can either print the PDFs out, pull up the PDFs on your phone, or add the tickets to your Apple Wallet app
  • WILL CALL AT THEATRE:  We will print your tickets out for you and have them waiting at our box office table when you arrive at the theatre

STEP 6: Cart Summary

  • Once you select your delivery preference and click ‘CONTINUE’ you will arrive at the Cart Summary
  • On the left you will see which events are in your order, and on the right you’ll see your seat location
  • If you only want to purchase these tickets, skip to STEP 12
  • If you want to bundle multiple events, continue to STEP 7

STEP 7: Continue Shopping

  • Click ‘CONTINUE SHOPPING’ in the upper right hand corner of the screen


STEP 8: Select Your Additional Performances

  • Repeat STEPS 1 – 7 for each show you would like to add to your order
  • In order to bundle tickets, you need to have at least 3 separate shows in your order
  • However, you can have different ticket quantities for each show and still receive a discount on ALL your tickets!
    • For instance, you can buy two tickets to your first show, perhaps two VIP tables (4 seats) for your second show, and three tickets for your third show — All those tickets will receive the bundle discount!
  • Mix and match any combination of ticketed events:
    • CABARET: If Ever I Would Leave You – August 15 & 17
    • EIFF: Director’s Cut – August 16
    • EIFF: Echoes of the World – August 18
    • EIFF: Inside the Frame – August 21
    • CHAMBER MUSIC: Broadway & Dvorak – August 22
    • AWARD SHOW: The Embys – August 23
    • CHAMBER MUSIC: On Wenlock Edge – August 24

STEP 9: Subtotal

  • Once you’ve added all of your events and tickets, you will return to the Cart Summary and see all the tickets in your order
  • Note the current total of your order
  • Now it’s time to apply the discount!

STEP 10: Add Discount Code

  • Add the discount code in the area below the summary
  • If you bought 3 or 4 separate shows enter bundle10
  • If you bought 5, 6 or 7 separate shows enter bundle15
  • Click ‘APPLY’


STEP 11: New Subtotal

  • Notice the new subtotal!
  • You can see the individual discounts per ticket applied to your summary


STEP 12: Complete Your Order

  • Scroll down and enter the following information
    • Name
    • Email
    • Phone Number
    • Address
  • Want to join our email newsletter?
  • Agree to purchase terms
  • Prove you’re human



You’re done!  Thank you for purchasing tickets to our 2024 TORCH SONGS & RHAPSODIES season!

You will automatically receive an email receipt.  If you selected “Email” for your ticket delivery, you will also receive PDFs of your tickets immediately after completing your order.

If you have further questions or run into issues, please email and a member of our team will be happy to assist you!



We have revamped our 2024 ticket packages to bring you versatility and immense savings this summer. It’s pretty simple — Buy tickets to multiple events and save money!

This season you pick which events you want to attend, rather than buying a package to every event like in years past. Buying three of more events will bring you at least 10% off your tickets.

Select the seats you want for your first event.  In the checkout window click “Continue Shopping” in the upper right hand corner to add more tickets to your order.  Once all your events have been selected, enter the following codes in the “Discount Code” line and click “Apply.”

If you buy 3 or 4 events, you’ll receive 10% OFF all your tickets — Code: bundle10

If you buy 5 or more tickets, you’ll receive 15% OFF all your tickets — Code: bundle15

PRO TIP:  All of our tickets are discounted until July 1.  If you buy your ticket packages before the end of June, you will get the lower ticket prices PLUS the 10-15% off discounts!

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