Performance Infusion

Join us for this cooperative venture led by potter Lauren Duffy of Ashland, with help from her cohorts the Dragonistas, as they build a pottery kiln in the shape of a dragon using locally sourced red clay to cover a metal and mesh frame. Watch as the kiln is loaded with pottery made by area children through a joint program with Ironwood’s DAP gallery. Marvel as the fire is lit inside the kiln, and the dragon comes to life breathing smoke and fire, and glowing from within. We encourage the audience to participate in the kiln building, so come prepared to get your hands dirty as we sheath the dragon in clay “scales”. Once the dragon is built and the fire is lit, we’ll continue with the firing into the night. Plan to take a break, attend the premier screenings of the Emberlight International Film Festival that evening, then return to the park for a night of fellowship and firelight under the summer sky.

Emberlight’s Performance Infusion series provides audiences an understanding of what makes artists love and pursue their work, and what it takes to bring their ideas to life.  The Infusions unite nature and craftsmanship by bringing accomplished artists and curious audiences together in the heart of Art in the Park.  The 2022 Performance Infusions occur each Saturday through July and August at 1pm in the Miners Memorial Heritage Park.  The lineup includes Out of Many, One (July 9), Tales of Laughing Fox (July 16), Kivajat Finnish Dancers (July 23), Fit to be Tied: A Broom Maker’s Tale (July 30), String Time in the Park (August 6), Anneal Appeal: the Art of Coppersmith (August 13), Building and Firing the Emberlight Dragon Kiln (August 20, and Poetry in the Park (August 27).

The 2022 Performance Infusion series is made possible through generous support from the Jacqueline C. Bassett Memorial Fund.

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Saturday, August 20, 2022, 1:00PM