Performance Infusion
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Take a virtual walk through the woods with UP artists Cedar Nelson and Donna Wilcox, two talented women who see creative possibilities everywhere in nature.  Watch them at work, crafting with simple tools and natural foraged materials.  Learn to appreciate the bounty that surrounds us, as Donna and Cedar share their unique perspectives of the wild world.  

Emberlight’s Performance Infusion series provides audiences an understanding of what makes artists love and pursue their work, and what it takes to bring their ideas to life.  The Infusions unite nature and craftsmanship by bringing accomplished artists and curious audiences together in the heart of Art in the Park.  The 2023 Performance Infusions occur on Saturdays at 1pm in the Miners Memorial Heritage Park.  The lineup includes Wool to Waulking (July 8), Miners’ Tribute (July 22), Nature Crafting (July 29), The Essence of Story: From Telling to Writing (August 5), Celebrating the Culinary Arts (August 12).

The Performance Infusion series is made possible by the Jacqueline Bassett Memorial Fund.


This event is free!  In fact, over 60% of our events are totally free for anyone to attend.  We believe that art should be accessible and affordable to everyone, which is why the majority of our season doesn’t require tickets and the average ticket price in our 2023 season is only $16.  This is possible because of generous gifts from our sponsors and donations from our amazing community.

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Saturday, July 29, 2023, 1:00PM