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The official opening of our Horizons • Heritage • Harmony season!

Come help us kick off 4th of July weekend and the 2022 Emberlight Festival!  After unveiling Mary Burns’ award-winning Ancestral Women Exhibit: Wisconsin’s Twelve Tribes and the Emberlight Photographers show at 4pm in the Historic Depot Museum, saunter over to the Historic Ironwood Theatre for an evening of independent film.

Join us for screenings of award-winning and fan favorite films from the 2021 International Film Festival.  Last year’s winners sent in shorts, animation, and documentaries from across the United States, Argentina, China, Pakistan, and more!  Then we’ll give a sneak peek of what films are making their debut at the 2022 International Film Festival from August 20 – 27.  Come with friends and enjoy what Ironwood does best: Art, film, and beautiful summer nights in the heart of our beloved town.

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Friday, July 1, 2022, 7:30PM