Ancestral Women Performers

In the Ancestral Women Exhibit, award-winning jacquard weaver Mary Burns honors women’s journeys by creating their portraits in jacquard weavings.  The Ancestral Women project features elders from Wisconsin’s 12 tribes, and was conceived to portray the strength of ancestral women around the world, both elders and their contemporaries, and to honor their journeys. 

Inspired by the beautiful fiber art pieces of Mary Burns, this performance piece honors the First Nations people of Wisconsin, reminds us of the wisdom of our elders, and  takes a look at Tribal histories  and current-day presence in Wisconsin.

Shared in story, music and movement, Ancestral Women weaves a tapestry of personal stories, tribal history and the interconnections of all living things.  Coordinated by Miigiiziikwe, Lac du Flambeau, Ojibwe and  Carol Ann Amour, each tribal nation’s story has been elaborated by members of that nation. The set is composed of larger than life prints of Burn’s tapestries.