Baylee Schwartz

Sponsored by: Jessica Cattelino

Baylee is a senior at A.D. Johnston High School with a wide array of interests. A former musician and athlete, he still enjoys playing volleyball. He especially loves writing, drawing, animals, and learning about the language and culture of Germany. He is an avid gamer and temporarily worked at the Western U.P Health Department to help with pandemic. Although he has not yet chosen a career path, he knows he’d like to pursue something in the arts, perhaps acting, cartooning, or writing.

“I hope that serving as an Ambassador can help open my eyes to more of what the world has to truly offer. I would like to explore different possibilities such as drawing, painting, writing, music, and drama. I also wish to become more leader-like and help show kindness to others. I feel that showing positivity and kindness to everyone could help not just me but everyone else as well.”