Yooper Adventures

Director, Writer and Producer – Dylan Taivalmaa  Join Dylan, the unreliable host of a local television show called ‘Yooper Adventures’ as he shows you around the town of Marquette, Michigan.


Director and Writer – Julien Scherliss Producer – Chris Donaldson When Calvin is told by his older brother that all the magic in the world lives in his last baby tooth, he comes up with a plan to make sure he never loses it. Can he prevent the inevitable, or will the magic disappear forever?

The World’s Gone Nuts

Director, Writer and Producer – Daniel Robert Cohn Utilizing real squirrels from his own backyard, filmmaker/musician Daniel Robert Cohn created an entire squirrel world that highlights the politics, pop-culture, and societal challenges of 2020.

The Plumber

Director and Writer – Cate Carson Producer – J. Everley Inspired by both events of today and those of Irena Sendler and her network: As curfew approaches, an everyday heroine risks it all in a smuggling operation from Nazi-occupied Poland.

The Paradox

Director and Writer – Aleksandar Tomovski Producer – Djolev and The Arts A ballerina is dancing a black swan variation, alone on a dark stage in an empty theatre. Imagine being an artistic masterpiece, for one perfect minute in time and space, but seen by nobody. Do you truly exist?

The Pandemic Artist

Director, Producer and Writer – Bob Belinoff During the lockdown, a man searches for art and seeks to make sense of the world – without leaving the house.

The Mask

Director and Writer – Saba Ghasemi  Producer – Masoud Ghasemi  Adults cannot see correctly behind their masks.

The Legend of Sombrerón

Director – Enrique A. Mendoza Writers – Enrique A. Mendoza and Sergio Mendoza Producers – Daniel Piñeros, Shannon Carl, Kwaku Otchere and Joaquín Ruano An orphan wakes from a nightmare and struggles to distinguish between reality and fantasy. Unsure of who to trust, she maneuvers through a maze of eerie events set up by the … Read more

The Crafting

Director – Brayden Harry Producer – Joseph Vasey   Hands design what the heart desires, but what happens to the heart when the hands can’t reach high enough? This film visualizes the idea that we are limited in our ability to attain perfection, but there is beauty when we surrender in the contention for control.